Funded Mini-Grants 2011-2014

Spring 2014

The PTSA Mini-grant Committee received 19 interesting and compelling mini-grant applications this spring for a total of $6025.05  in requests. Thanks to a grant from the Sequoia Education Foundation, we were able to fully or partially fund all 19 of the requests. A number of considerations were used to evaluate and rank the applications, including the number of students who would benefit, the potential future recurring benefits, the academic and curricular value, and the compelling need of the request. Priority was given to applications that will have a long-lasting impact on students and to ones for particularly critical classroom needs or populations.

Congratulations to all recipients!

Sequoia PTSA Spring 2014 Minigrant Program
TOTAL FUNDED $5,990.05
Dept Name Project  Funded
1 World Languages Karina Chin French Children’s books 60.00
2 World Languages Karina Chin french movie library 60.00
3 PE Kathy Weingand megaphone for PE 90.00
4 AVID Cristelda Guillen Avid college trip bus expenses 400.00
5 Latino Student Union Club Cristelda Guillen movie theatre trip 400.00
6 SpecEd Rebecca Goodwin Scholastic action subscription 284.24
7 Art Teacher Clare Szydlowski Color printer for art classes 326.99
8 Robotics Club Dylan Roof Robotics Tourney & materials 400.00
9 Journalism Kim Vinh 400.00
10 Science Ben Canning Shake flashlight for Physics 450.00
11 Math Jim Karditzas batteries for calculators 400.00
12 Math David Lee HP Elitebook 2730 500.00
13 English Stacy Wenzel Books and rolling cart 400.00
14 Deca Business Club Virginia Kiraly library for SEQUOIA DECA BUSINESS CLUB 400.00
15 Dream Club Kate Sheehan ink cartridges and printer paper 400.00
16 Parent Center Mayela Ramirez Parent Center supply cabinets 433.82
17 Garden Club Claire Spickermann Ca-Natives Garden Beds 200.00
18 World Languages Scott Stalder-Scarmoutsos Ap Spanish 1-day training 215.00
19 Math Department Jim Karditzas math league and Atl/Pac competitions 170.00

Fall 2013

The PTSA Mini-grant Committee received 39 mini-grant applications this fall for a total of $11,944.75 in requests. The decisions were very difficult this year as the applications were very thoughtful and represented a very wide variety of important needs in the school community. Thanks to a grant from the Sequoia Education Foundation, we were able to fully or partially fund 27 of the requests.

Congratulations to all recipients!

Sequoia PTSA Mini-Grants Fall 2013
Total Grant Applications              39
Total funding Requested $11,944.75
Total Funded $6,986.00
Name Dept/Club Project  Funded
1 Abbie Korman English Chromebooks: Digital Literacy in the English Department 400.00
2 Alissa Talesnick English/Reading Intervention ELA eBook accessibility 249.61
3 Ashley Dever Biotech Biofuels: A Closer Look 200.00
4 Cameron Farris STARS 1 Teacher, SPED Cloud Technology 248.00
5 Catherine Lemmi Science Global Science Suppl. Materials 170.33
6 Claire Spickermann SHS Garden Club The Sequoia Garden Club 140.00
7 Cristelda Guillen AVID AVID SAT Prep 400.00
8 Cristelda Guillen Latino Student Union Club Latino Student Union money to bring AZTECA performers 200.00
9 Cristelda Guillen Spanish General supplies and material for student activities/projects in Spanish Classes 150.00
10 Dana Martinezmoles Special Education Monterey Field Trip 400.00
11 Nick Boldrey Special Education Monterey Field Trip 250.00
12 Dy Nguyen GSA Club GSA and LGBTQ young adult books 205.00
13 Dylan Roof Robotics Club Robotics Tournament 200.00
14 Evan Hart Speech and Debate Club Speech and Debate Tournament 200.00
15 James Beacom Science/Chemistry Flame Test Labs with Spectroscopes 400.00
16 Joan Fiser ELD / BRT ELD 2 Biography Unit 355.40
17 Karina Chin French/World Languages French Children’s books 50.00
18 Karina Chin French/World Languages Let’s listen together! 32.00
19 Karol-Ann Coleman Special Education Technology in the Classroom 390.00
20 Kate Sheehan VPA Digital Photography – filters/cameras 397.14
21 Kaylin Laine Health Careers Academy Bloggies for Health Education 170.00
22 Laura Larkin Math Dept AMC Math Contests 400.00
23 Melissa Perez Avid AVID College Visits 300.00
24 Sarah Newman Science Sequoia School Garden 298.52
25 Scott Stalder-Skarmoutsos Spanish/World Languages Projects a more fun! 150.00
26 Scott Stalder-Skarmoutsos Spanish/World Languages AP Spanish Language Books for Success! 230.00
27 Stacy Wenzel English/ELD The Book Whisperer 400.00
Total 6986.00

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Spring 2013

Sequoia PTSA Spring 2013 Minigrant Program
TOTAL FUNDED $5,367.00
Dept Name Project  minigrant funding
1 World Languages Karina Chin French Film Education 50.00
2 Science Rebecca Rush Computer Speakers 167.73
3 Student Club Marijke Silberman Africause Dance Workshop 100.00
4 Math Steven Wong Mounted LCD Projector 380.00
5 World Languages Cristelda Guillen Spanish 2 NS Class Books 183.57
6 Guidance Joni Gordon Dragon Naturally Speaking 70.00
7 World Languages Martha Sigala & Belen Alvarez Individual Orals Microphones 100.00
8 Social Studies Nancy Berry Classroom Laptop 400.00
9 Special Education Karole-Ann Coleman Differentiated Tech for Instruction 399.00
10 AVID Teresa Yeager AVID College Application Fees 200.00
11 World Languages Scott Stalder-Skarmousos Zambombazo! Cultural/Musical website 215.45
12 English Barbara Morton Class Library 200.00
13 Math Don Hoban Classroom supplies 100.00
14 World Languages Karina Chin Let’s get reading! 120.00
15 Special Education, etc. Elizabeth Guli, etc. Teachers Book Group 200.00
16 Math Kelley O’Hern Whiteboards 339.84
17 English Justine Rutigliano IB Study Materials – Communist Manifesto 125.00
18 Math Laura Larkin Lunchtime Math Contests 170.00
19 Clubs Anna Dagum Bike club funds 230.00
20 Science/Physics Allison Stafford Scientific Calculators for Physics Classroom 100.00
21 Journalism Kim Vinh Journalism camera/InDesign sw 277.95
22 Math Department Beth Peters Twist-It Rulers 395.51
23 Social Studies Lydia Cuffman Promises DVD for World Studies students 112.95
24 Math/Geometry Laura Larkin Scientific Calculators for Geometry Classroom 100.00
25 World Language Dept Evelyn Nadeau World Language Dept. Laminator 230.00
26 Science Ashley Dever Biotech Supplies 400.00

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Fall 2012

The Sequoia PTSA is proud to announce the results of its Fall 2012 Mini-Grant Program. Thanks to memberships, donations, and a generous grant from the Sequoia High School Education Foundation, the Sequoia PTSA budgeted $4,875 to the Mini-Grant program. The program was designed to benefit academically as many Sequoia High School students as possible through innovative and creative grants submitted by teachers, students, and staff.

We received 33 grants with a total of nearly $11,300 in requests from a wide variety of applicants. A number of considerations were used to evaluate and rank the applications, including the number of students who would benefit, the potential future recurring benefits, the academic and curricular value, and the compelling need of the request.

Congratulations to all recipients!


Department Name Project Funded
ELD dept chair Jane Slater Flash Drives for ELD/cloud drive $150.00
World Languages Tovah Skiles Spanish Dictionaries $132.70
IB Cameron Dodge ITGS textbooks $400.00
World Languages Evelyn Nadeau Brain POP $205.00
Cycling club Anna Dagum USA Cycling Team Membership $50.00
Journalism Anna Dagum Raven Newspaper $100.00
PE dept Kathy Weingand Badminton/ tennis racquets $200.00
Math Department Beth Peters 36 scientific calculators $385.71
Special Ed Karol-Ann Coleman Differentiated Instruction technology -ipad $399.00
World Languages Laetitia Kuttan French Library $130.00
Math Department Laura Larkin American math Competition $400.00
Chess Club/Math Steven Wong Puzzle books, chess strategy books $200.00
World Languages Tovah Skiles computer speakers for Spanish $119.30
Math Department Jim Karditzas compasses for geometry $400.00
Spanish Cristelda Guillen Supplies for Spanish classes $100.00
AVID Scott
Must-Read additions to Avid $204.21
Science Dept Debolina Dutta Dissolved Oxygen Water Kit $243.25
Robotics Club Dylan Roof Two Robotics Tournaments $100.00
Science Dept Katie Finley Flashlights for global science labs $50.00
English Jason Drogin SSR books for English Intensive $200.00
Science Dept Catherine Lemmi Dissolved Oxygen Water Kit $243.25
Debate Team Amir Amerian Debate Team tournaments $100.00
Math Department Kelley O’Hern hinged mirrors for geometry $263.00
Science Mitch Weathers National Science Teachers Association conference $100.00

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Spring 2012

The Sequoia PTSA is proud to announce the results of its Spring 2012 Mini-Grant Program. This spring, the Sequoia PTSA budgeted $2,000 to the Mini-Grant program. We received 18 grants with a total of nearly $4,800 in requests.  Thanks to additional generous donations from the Sequoia High School Education Foundation, Carolyn Baxter, Gordon Bliss and Mobius Fit, Anne-Marie Brest, Marco and Tracy DeMiroz, Rebecca Flynn and Alex Moissis, Marlena and Tim Griffin, Terry and Daniel Jacobs, the Lemieux family, Christina Ryffel, Andrew and Grace Schulz, Winnie and Danny van der Rijn, Sofie Vandeputte, and an anonymous Sequoia family, we were able to award gifts to all the grant applications this year.

Congratulations to all recipients!


Department Name Project Funded
Spec Ed/speech Marilyn Vandenbroeck GARS -2 Kit for autism $158.00
Quiz kids club Tristan Knoth National History Bowl $100.00
AVID Karina Chin Writing notebooks for Avid students – for college apps $160.00
French club Karina Chin Bike Riding in France $210.00
Math dept Laura Larkin Math contests $170.00
Spec Ed Rebeca Rifenberg Content Area library for Spec ed and ELL students $400.00
French Dept Karina Chin French DVD Library $50.00
Spanish Club Scott Stalder-Skarmoutsos Sequoia Spanish Exchange Visits $400.00
German Dept Claudia Meyer-Kispersky Movies for Germany and TOK $40.00
Chess Club Steven Wong Chess Club timers $330.00
English Dept/Health Academy Jaren Boland Of Mice and Men performance $360.00
AVID Scott Stalder-Skarmoutsos Avid Weekly subscription $400.00
English Dept Abigail Korman Apple TV in kind
World Languages Evelyn Nadeau Electronic handheld English-Spanish dictionaries / Don Quixote DVD movie $352.88
ELD and English Stacy Wenzel ELD 2 Literature Circles $400.00
Science Tiffany Burkle Educational Science Games $400.00
Journalism Kim Vinh Raven Report partial publishing costs $400.00
Math dept Michael Feeney Markers for algebra readiness students $43.24

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Fall 2011

This fall, we received a total of 19 grants requesting $6,585. The PTSA was able to fund partially or completely 11 requests for a total of $3516.80. We were  fortunate to receive an additional $309.80 in private donations to supplement the $2,000 budgeted by the PTSA. We were also able to augment our funding with $1,207 from the Sequoia Tech Bond. Priority in awarding the grants was given to proposals that benefitted many students academically and/or would have long term benefits to future students. The recommendations of the Mini-Grant committee were unanimously accepted at the November 1, 2011 PTSA meeting.

Congratulations to all recipients!


Department Name Project Funded
Robotics Club Vinoj Govinthasamy/ Laura Larkin Robotics tournaments $250.00
French Karina Chin French movie dvds $  50.00
Math Laura Larkin Math competition $400.00
Math Steven Wong Calculator batteries $292.80
Journalism Kim Vinh Raven Report publishing costs $400.00
English Natalie Baldaccini Colormarking pencils for all English students $467.00
English Stacy Wenzel IB Approaches in EL (English learner) Classrooms $150.00
Spanish Scott Stalder-Skarmoutsos Spanish novels $300.00
Additional donations from private sources to supplement PTSA funding $309.80
Total spent from PTSA Mini-Grants budget $2,000.00
English Amie Ranum 16 voice recorders for IB English $400.00
Visual arts Kate Sheehan 3 digital cameras $405.00
Science Beth Kassler 6 Flip cameras $402.00
Total Tech Bond Funding $1,207.00

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Spring 2011 Mini Grants
Dept Name Project  Funded
math Jim Karditzas Geometry linking blocks            54.30
Math Laura Larkin Math contests 2011          155.00
French/Avid Karina Chin french DVDs            60.00
French/Avid Karina Chin itunes card for french music            50.00
Spanish Scott Stalder-Skarmoutsos Spanish novels          258.63
German Claudia Meyer-Kispersky German DVDs            60.00
Music Daniel Broome cello stops-orchestra            67.35
World Studies Nancy Berry world almanac books          180.00
AVID Tessa Yeager SAT prep books          319.72
leadership Lauren Reibstein 5 canopies $100 each          200.00
Guidance Kalani Vasquez fee for Trish Hatch wksp on data driven counseling          195.00
Guidance Lisa McCahon College conference fee          400.00
Funded via Sequoia Tech Bond
English Justine Rutigliano mini recorders for IB Preparation          450.00
English Jasmine Schimek 4 flip cameras for othello classes          324.00
English Abigail Korman 4 flip cameras for faculty best practices          324.00