Reflections Results 2017-2018

Congratulations to all the students who submitted entries to the 2017-18 Reflections Art Program for the theme “Within Reach.” Listed below are the Sequoia judging results; entries who received an “Award of Excellence” were moved up to the district level.

Special congratulations to Ben Redlawsk, Lori Sibun Handler, and Emma Larsson whose entries have been selected to move on to the California statewide competition.

Film Production
Lori Sibun-Handler – “Within Reach“: Award of Excellence

Music Composition
Benjamin Redlawsk – “Plexiglass“: Award of Excellence

Mackenzie Clarke – “Suspension“: Award of Excellence
Zachary Lo – “The Trumpet Player“: Award of Merit
Roger Kyle Soriano – “Autumn In My Heart“: Honorable Mention

Visual Arts
Ximena Sanchez Martinez – “The Bridge Between Two Worlds“: Award of Excellence
Maya Donovan – “Flying Higher“: Award of Merit

Emma Larsson – “Dreams Like Smoke“: Award of Excellence
Kate Giorgi – “Cloudy Present“: Award of Merit
Isabel Donovan – “Existential Fulfillment“: Honorable Mention