Applications for Spring 2018 Mini-Grants was due Thursday, March 8, 2018.  Scroll down on this page for information about the application.

About the Mini-Grant Program

PTSA Mini-Grants are offered twice each year to provide funding for enhancing education at Sequoia High School, with a focus on creative approaches and/or addressing compelling need which would otherwise go unfunded. Fall Mini-Grants are administered in September/October, and Spring Mini-Grants are in February/March. Please check the daily announcements and the Sentinel for specific dates and details. Grants are available from $50 to $400, and are made possible by funding from the Sequoia High School Education Foundation (SHSEF).  View previously awarded Mini-Grants here!

You must be a member of the PTSA to apply for a grant. Join the PTSA here!  Teachers, staff members, club leaders and students at Sequoia High School may apply.

What We Fund

PTSA Mini-Grants are intended to enhance education at Sequoia High School, with “education” being understood in the broadest terms possible.  Applicants are asked to explain how their proposed grant will benefit SHS students, staff and/or community and to relate their proposal to school learning objectives, curriculum and/or the goals of their club, community or program. With this in mind, Mini-Grants that are more likely to be funded are:

  • Requests that benefit more than just a few students, with the goal that each round of grants will benefit the entire SHS community.
  • Requests that will provide benefit for SHS in future years.
  • Requests that impact an underserved group or subject.
  • Requests that demonstrate creativity or ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.
  • Requests that would otherwise go unfunded but have compelling need.

Examples for grant funding could include classroom supplies and equipment, publications (books, magazines, newspapers, instructional CDs, videos, and software), electrical or electronic equipment, construction materials for small projects, admission fees, and teacher stipends for new programs.

Grant applicants are asked to spend some time researching the best prices for their desired items, whenever possible.  Please note that the SHS library has relationships with wholesale book companies who often can obtain books at a discount, so please check with the library if books are part of your grant request.

Mini Grant Guidelines

  • Applicants must be members of the Sequoia PTSA. 
  • The PTSA can only fund applications that benefit Sequoia High School.
  • Student groups must have their faculty advisor review and approve their grant application.
  • Please take time in completing your grant request paperwork.  The more information and detail you provide about your needs, the more likely you are to get funded.
  • Along with your application, you must submit a complete itemized list of how requested funds will be used.  Be sure to keep your receipts if your grant is funded, as they will be required for reimbursement.
  • If your grant is funded, you must complete a short survey once the project, event, or activity is complete.  This Impact Statement should include a photograph.  If this paperwork is not completed, the PTSA reserves the right to decline future grant requests.

Mini-Grant Limitations

  • Projects that only benefit a limited number of students will likely not be approved.
  • Field trips, as they are one-time events that benefit only a few students, may rank low on the priority scale.
  • Private transportation or hotel costs for field trips cannot be covered due to PTSA insurance limitations.  Fees for SUHSD school buses only can be covered by PTSA funds.
  • Grants cannot be used for athletics team-related requests. Please check with the Sequoia Sports Boosters for athletic fund requests.
  • Grants cannot be used for fundraising projects or to benefit charities outside of SHS.
  • Grants cannot be used for school or class ‘spirit’ events.

Mini-Grant Follow-up

All individuals or groups that receive a PTSA grant must complete a follow-up survey.  This brief questionnaire, called an Impact Statement, is required and should include a photo. (A link to the form is provided below). This required summary allows the PTSA to document the benefits of our Mini-Grants process, and it provides verification needed for our accounting.

VIEW a copy of the Impact Statement here
FILL OUT the Mini-grant Impact Statement (Google form) here

Apply for a Mini-Grant

Applications for Spring 2018 Mini-Grants were due on Thursday, March 8, 2018 by 8 PM. The application is an on-line form.

1. PREPARE: Click here to download the application questions

2. APPLY:  Click here to fill out the 2018 Spring Mini-Grant Application form

Questions regarding applications may be sent to

2017-2018 Committee Members

Marlena Griffin (Chair), DeeDee Clarke, Glenn Bugos, Jayne Sungail, Jessica Mihaly, John McAfee, Karen Latina, Laura Downs, Meg Fitzpatrick, Matt Kowitt, Rachel Levine, Sherri Horan and Lauren Pachkowski.

Committee members divide the various duties of the committee: organize the grant application process, notify the school about the grant program, evaluate the grants, make funding decisions, follow up on questions, present the program to interested student groups, compile and publish the funding results, and follow up on Impact Statements and receipts. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email