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We will be accepting applications from September 20th to October 2nd, 2023.

About the Mini-Grant Program

This year PTSA Mini-Grants will be awarded in the fall and, if money remains throughout the school year using a rolling application process. The grants are awarded to students, teachers, staff members, and school groups who need financial support for projects or supplies that benefit the Sequoia community. Grants are available up to $750 and are made possible by funding from the Sequoia High School Education Foundation (SHSEF).

View previously awarded Mini-Grants here!

You must be a member of the PTSA to apply for a grant. 

Join the PTSA here!  Teachers, staff members, club leaders, and students at Sequoia High School may apply.
Not sure if you joined this year? Check our membership list as of 09/07/23.

Mini-Grant Recipients
Mini-Grant Recepients

What We Fund

PTSA Mini-Grants are intended to enhance education at Sequoia High School, with “education” being understood in the broadest terms possible. Applicants are asked to explain how their proposed grant will benefit Sequoia’s students, staff, and/or community. Applicants should also relate their proposal to school learning objectives, class curriculum, the goals of their club or program, and/or community needs.

The Mini-Grants Committee looks for proposals that:

  • Benefit many students.

  • This will benefit Sequoia students in future years.

  • Impact an underserved group.

  • Demonstrate creativity or “out-of-the-box” thinking.

  • Have compelling needs and would otherwise go unfunded.


Grant funding could be awarded, for example, for: supplies/equipment for classrooms or clubs, publications (books, magazines, newspapers, instructional CDs, videos, software), electronic equipment, construction materials for campus projects, admission fees, and teacher stipends for new programs.


Grant applicants are asked to spend some time researching the best prices for their desired items.  Please note that the SHS library has relationships with wholesale book companies who often can obtain books at a discount, so please check with the library if books are part of your grant request.

Mini-Grant Guidelines

  • Applicants must be members of the Sequoia PTSA.

  • The PTSA can only fund applications that benefit Sequoia High School.

  • Student groups must have their faculty advisor review and approve their grant application.

  • Please be thorough in completing your grant request paperwork.  The more information and detail you provide about your needs, the more likely you are to get funded.

  • Along with your application, please submit an itemized list of how funds will be used.  Be sure to keep your receipts if your grant is funded, as they will be required for reimbursement.

  • If your grant is funded, you must complete an Impact Statement once the project, event, or activity is complete.  This Impact Statement should include a photograph, if applicable.  If this paperwork is not completed, the PTSA reserves the right to decline future grant requests.  This statement allows the PTSA to document the benefits of our Mini-Grants process and provides the verification needed for our accounting.

Mini-Grant Recipients
PTSA Mini Grant Image

Mini-Grant Limitations

  • Private transportation or hotel costs for field trips cannot be covered due to PTSA insurance limitations.  Only fees for SUHSD school buses can be covered by PTSA funds.

  • Mini-Grants cannot be requested for athletics team-related requests, as these requests are considered through the Sequoia Boosters Club.

  • Grants cannot be awarded for fundraising projects or to benefit charities outside of SHS.

  • Grants cannot be awarded for school or class ‘spirit’ events.

  • With regard to requests involving food, please see the following statement from the district wellness policy: “School staff, students, parents/guardians or other volunteers are encouraged to support the district’s nutrition education program by considering nutritional quality when selecting any food items for occasional class parties. The district encourages and supports the use of non-food celebratory activities.


Applications are available here:

PREPARE: Click here to download the pdf with the application questions and form

APPLY: FILL OUT the Application (Google form) here


Questions regarding applications may be sent to


Submit Impact Statement

VIEW a copy of the Impact Statement here
FILL OUT the Mini-grant Impact Statement (Google form) here


Mini-Grants Committee

The Mini-Grants committee is composed of PTSA members who help publicize the program, review and evaluate applications, and determine funding. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email


Every year the Sequoia High School PTSA receives numerous applications for Mini-Grants. These grant requests represent a remarkable variety of innovative projects, ideas and activities proposed by teachers and students at Sequoia.  Through the support of the Sequoia High School Education Foundation, the PTSA is privileged to help make many of these endeavors possible.  

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