Reflections Results 2017-2018

Congratulations to all the students who submitted entries to the 2017-18 Reflections Art Program for the theme “Within Reach.” Listed below are the Sequoia judging results; entries who received an “Award of Excellence” were moved up to the district level.

Film Production
Lori Sibun-Handler – “Within Reach“: Award of Excellence

Music Composition
Benjamin Redlawsk – “Plexiglass“: Award of Excellence

Mackenzie Clarke – “Suspension“: Award of Excellence
Zachary Lo – “The Trumpet Player“: Award of Merit
Roger Kyle Soriano – “Autumn In My Heart“: Honorable Mention

Visual Arts
Ximena Sanchez Martinez – “The Bridge Between Two Worlds“: Award of Excellence
Maya Donovan – “Flying Higher“: Award of Merit

Emma Larsson – “Dreams Like Smoke“: Award of Excellence
Kate Giorgi – “Cloudy Present“: Award of Merit
Isabel Donovan – “Existential Fulfillment“: Honorable Mention