Reflections Results 2020-2021

Students Honored for Expressing Themselves Through Art

We want to recognize the 37 students who created an artistic piece for the 2020-2021 Reflections Art program, with this year’s theme I Matter Because/Yo Importo Porque.  Awards of Excellence (AE) were granted to:

Eva S for acoustic guitar musical composition
The Voices in My Head Refuse to Pay Rent – music and sheet music
Marta O for the poem Minute Hand
Sharon S for her painting, What I reflect
Sarah H for Dance Choreography
Ethan D for Film 

These pieces advanced to the 17th District PTA judging round. Students who received Awards of Merit (AM) and Honorable Mention (HM) are notated below. We are so proud of all the students who took the time to participate:

Fabian A
Axel A
Doris A (AM)
Ariana B
Mariana B
Hope C (AM)
Aldercy C
Johanna C
Yaretzy C
Emilyn C (HM)
Carlos C
Ethan D (AE)
Arlette F
Alex F
Nicole G
Josselyn G
Kimberly G (HM)
Sarah H (AE)
Aleyah H (HM)
Veyna K (AM)
Ashlee L (HM)
Jazmin L (HM)
Adylene M
Matteo N
Rubi O (HM)
Valerie O
Marta O (AE)
Oscar O
Ethan P (AM)
Cesar R
Elizabeth R (HM)
Stephany R
Eva S (AE)
Sharon S (AE)
Sophia T (AM)
Genevieve T
Samantha V (HM)

Thank you to our judges Greg Close, Francesca Draughon, Elizabeth Gomez,
Jill Goodman Gould,
Rachel Levine, Duncan Lord, Lisa Miller, Jana Paquette,
Christina Parsey and
Grace Schulzer.