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2015-2016 Results

Congratulations to all the students who submitted entries to this year’s Reflections Art Program! Listed below are the Sequoia judging results; entries who received an “Award of Excellence” were moved up to the district level. Adam Melamed’s entry has also advanced to the state level!

Film Production
Samantha Hoch – “A Spark from a Stream”: Award of Excellence

Music Composition
Lena Yasui – “Floating, Soaring, Flying”: Award of Excellence
Jack Zhong – “The Meadow”: Award of Merit

Bryce Stephens – “The Little Thought Machine”: Award of Excellence
Zach Lo – “Flying”: Award of Merit
Ellis Spickerman – “The Balloon”: Honorable Mention
Philip Tyson – “When Imagination Spirals”: Honorable Mention

Visual Arts
Emma Leeper – “Music Is Power”: Award of Excellence
Martina Silberman – Untitled: Award of Merit
Morganne Taradash – “Closed Eyes, Open Mind”: Honorable Mention
Maritza Alvarez – “Flow”: Honorable Mention

Adam Melamed – “Free Choice”: Award of Excellence
Cambria Erskine – “A Spark of Light”: Award of Merit
Susie Lopez – Untitled: Honorable Mention

Emma Leeper – “Music Is Power”

Emma Leeper – “Music Is Power”

Adam Melamed – “Free Choice”

Adam Melamed – “Free Choice”
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