Reflections Results 2015-2016

Congratulations to all the students who submitted entries to this year’s Reflections Art Program! Listed below are the Sequoia judging results; entries who received an “Award of Excellence” were moved up to the district level. Adam Melamed’s entry has also advanced to the state level!


“Free Choice” by Adam Melamed

Film Production
Samantha Hoch – “A Spark from a Stream”: Award of Excellence

Music Composition
Lena Yasui – “Floating, Soaring, Flying”: Award of Excellence
Jack Zhong – “The Meadow”: Award of Merit

Bryce Stephens – “The Little Thought Machine”: Award of Excellence
Zach Lo – “Flying”: Award of Merit
Ellis Spickerman – “The Balloon”: Honorable Mention
Philip Tyson – “When Imagination Spirals”: Honorable Mention


“Music Is Power” by Emma Leeper

Visual Arts
Emma Leeper – “Music Is Power”: Award of Excellence
Martina Silberman – Untitled: Award of Merit
Morganne Taradash – “Closed Eyes, Open Mind”: Honorable Mention
Maritza Alvarez – “Flow”: Honorable Mention

Adam Melamed – “Free Choice”: Award of Excellence
Cambria Erskine – “A Spark of Light”: Award of Merit
Susie Lopez – Untitled: Honorable Mention